Hi. Welcome, or perhaps I should say, my sincerest apologies. This is a place to throw all the junk flying through my brain on a daily basis. Junk that I find humorous, sarcastic, serious, or even meaningful and heartfelt at times.

Now, how you got here is mystery #1. Because, it hasn’t been as a result of any social media marketing on behalf of this site. No Twitter, no RSS feeds, no Facebook site, no Email updates, no Pinterest, no SnapChat, no Flickr, NO SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE at all, which to be honest is really a very civilized way of saying no forced feeding.

Nope. You didn’t ask for this and you won’t get it sent to you. Quite honestly, you’ll probably never even see it or hear about it for that matter. I am probably writing and posting this website to myself only. I like to say, to myself, that this is an experiment of sorts to see if content really can generate traffic on its own. We’ll see, but I’m not betting a nickel on that. And I should, because I hate the nickel it’s useless. It costs more to manufacture than it’s worth, doesn’t have any sexy ridges on the side, gives you the false hope of a quarter when you palm it in your pocket, and you can’t turn a screw with it.

Worthless. The very definition of worthlessness.

So, here at some website there’s no magical marketing happy name that’s catchy or kitschy. No trick spelling using numbers or symbols because WORDS were taken. No backwards 3’s for E’s. No, if you want to tell anyone about this site, just say, “Oh it’s some website.” There, DONE. Social Networking 101. Social Networking…like the cavemen would have done. Thanks for getting here, however that may have happened. Maybe it was someone saying, “I read this on some website the other day and … BAM there’s a recommendation!